Do you know that 1 KG of oil is equal to 1.1 Litre of Oil?

Yes, this is the approximate value of cooking oil. You always get more for the price you pay from GheeStore.

1 Litre of Water is equal to 1 KG. Depending on the oil, you can have different densities. Common methods of determining weight of oil are Specific Gravity and API Gravity. In Specific Gravity you are comparing the density of oil to that of water. So you may have a oil that has a specific gravity of 0.90. This means the density of that oil is only 90% compared to water. In this scenario: 1 Litre of oil with a Specific Gravity of 0.90 would weigh 0.90 Kilo Gram. Also as a side note, it is less dense than water so it will float.

API Gravity is a scale also used to determine the density of oil but not as a relative comparison to water. On this scale 10 is the same density of water. Everything above 10 is less dense and everything below 10 is more dense.

Litre is the unit of Volume. 1 Litre = 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm = 1000 cm^3. 1 Litre of water = 1 kg weight.

Density of oil is less than that of water that’s why oil floats in the water. Density of oil is about 90% of water density. So the specific gravity of oil is almost 0.9

Density of water = 1 kg / Litre, so density of oil = 0.9 kg / Litre

It means, 0.9 kg oil = 1 Litre oil and 1 Kilo Gram of oil = (1/0.9) Litre = 1.1 Litre. Hence purchase wisely; 1 KG of oil is equal to 1.1 Litre

Most of of the retailers and manufactures are physiologically using the 1 litre advantage to their benefit as most consumer might think both are same however we at GheeStore sell in 1 KG and you get more oil for the money you pay.

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