Castor oil in kannada is Haralenne ಹರಳೆಣ್ಣೆ. Castor oil is a multi-purpose vegetable oil and has been in use for over a thousand years. It is a translucent liquid with a yellow tint. It is an active ingredient in a wide variety of household items, from cleaning products to paints. Castor oil is extracted by cold pressing Castor bean of Ricinus communis plant. It has a number of medicinal, industrial and pharmaceutical uses.


Castor Oil – Health Benefits:

Castor oil has various health benefits and has been a common household item in every Kannada house. People have been using it for thousands of years for its medicinal values. It used to treat a range of medical conditions, most notably digestive issues.


Castor Oil Benefits as Laxative

Castor Oil In Kannada

Castor Oil is a natural laxative which is always a must have product in every house. It a stimulant laxative and acts rapidly. It is perfectly safe for babies to cure most digestive problems. Ricinoleic acid is the main fatty acid in castor oil which is absorbed by the intestine and stimulates a strong laxative effect. Not only for babies even adults can use it to relieve themselves from constipation.

USE: Just consuming a teaspoon of castor oil should do the trick.


Castor Oil Benefits as Body Coolant

Castor Oil As Body Coolant Castor Oil is a natural body coolant used by most kannada people. Body heat is a very common problems. Exposure to sunlight or hot surfaces or even some food tends to increase our body heat. You can experience excruciating lower abdominal pain. Castor oil is an excellent and quick remedy to relieve yourself from these kind of pains. Castor oil / haralenne is natural and it perfectly safe for babies as well for the same purpose.

USE: Apply few drops of castor oil in the center of your head and few drops around the umbilicus relieves pain within few seconds.


Castor Oil – Beauty Benefits:

Castor oil has various Beauty benefits as a skin softener by Kannada people. It can be used as a natural skin enhancer and helps in slowing the aging process.


Castor Oil for Face

Castor Oil In Skin Care Castor Oil / haralenne has natural antimicrobial properties which helps in reducing acne. Ricinoleic acid inhibits growth of bacteria that cause acne. It is rich in fatty acids helps in smoothening and softening the facial skin. Castor oil has a low comedogenic score and does not clog pores in the skin which helps in reduces blackheads. Castor oil is an inexpensive oil. When compared to many expensive cosmetics Castor oil is is more effective.

USE: Apply few drops of castor oil on the face and wash after 10 to 15 mins.


Castor Oil for Skin

Castor Oil For Skin Castor Oil have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. This makes them useful for treating skin irritations. The antimicrobial properties protects from bacterial and fungal infections by keeping out microbes that can cause skin disease. Castor oil / haralenne contains triglycerides and humectant properties which helps to maintain moisture in the skin, making it a useful treatment for dry skin and delays aging of skin. You can use it to remove dirt from skin. The variety of chemicals in Castor oil helps in improving your skin health.

USE: Add few drops of carrier oil like Almond oil to increase absorption of Castor oil and apply on skin.


Castor Oil for Hair

Castor Oil For Hair Castor Oil have been used as natural hair conditioner in many kannada households. It has intense moisturizer which helps in repairing dry and damaged hair. Applying castor oil / haralenne on a regular basis helps in lubricating hair shaft which helps in the flexibility of the hair and prevents breakage. The natural moisturizer helps is scalp health and prevents dandruff caused by caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis. Applying Castor Oil helps in moisturizing which cures scalp dryness, irritation and reduces flaking.

USE: Add few drops of carrier oil like Almond oil to increase absorption of Castor oil and apply as a mask over the hair or as head massage oil.


Castor Oil – Precautions:

People use castor oil to treat a variety of issues by ingesting the oil or applying it to the skin. Castor oil is mostly safe to use. Sometimes it can cause unwanted effects in some people.

Can Induce Labor

Doctors use Castor oil / haralenne to induce birth. Women at all stages of pregnancy should avoid consuming castor oil.

Can Cause Diarrhea

Castor Oil can be an effective way to alleviate constipation. You may get diarrhea if you take too much and diarrhea can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Some might be allergic to castor oil /haralenne. A patch test on your skin will help you understand if it suits you. Apply castor oil on a small patch of skin to see if reacts to your skin.

Can Lower Body Temperature

Avoid using castor oil if you already have a cold. Do not use it if you have Allergic rhinitis. Castor oil has an ability to cool down body temperature which might affect you if you have any of the above mentioned problems.



People have used castor oil / haralenne for thousands of years as a powerful natural treatment for a variety of health issues. It’s proved to help relieve constipation, cools down excessive body heat and moisturize dry skin, among many other uses. If you are searching for an affordable, multi-purpose oil to keep in your medicine cabinet, castor oil may be a good choice.

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