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Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

Quality ingredients are the reasons of tasty foods. In old days, we used natural Cold Pressed oil / Marachekku Ennai for cooking which increased the taste of the food as well as maintained our health. Marachekku oil is nothing but extracting oil from nuts and seeds without giving any heat, so that the oil retails the natural nutrients, flavour and texture. Nowadays, getting quality marachekku ennai / cold pressed oil became challenging. At GheeStore, we follow traditional method to extract oil from seeds using wooden churner and cold pressed oil in Chennai available to all consumers . Consuming cold pressed oil helps to reduce the health-related problems. Numerous health benefits of consuming traditional oil are, it protects against heart attacks, helps to improve immune power and prevents people from cholesterol.

In a busy life schedule, people don’t have time to prepare quality oil on their own. As India’s first exclusive online store for Cold Pressed Oils and Ghee, GheeStore has the responsibility to deliver quality products to our superior customers. We provide a wide range of oil products like cold pressed groundnut oil, coconut oil, Gingelly oil using black sesame seeds, Sesame Gold Oil using white sesame seeds, Pure Cow Ghee, Castor oil and more. Our Marachekku Ennai / Cold Pressed Oil are produced in a traditional method to retain the taste of home produce. We know that oil is one of the integral parts of day to day life, so we give at most important to deliver the products on time.

If you are looking for a genuine online store to purchase Marachekku oil / Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai then GheeStore is the best option for who give the exciting offers. We deliver freshly crushed oil to your doorsteps in Chennai. Every product at “GheeStore” has its natural lavour which enhances the taste of your dishes. We do not add any chemicals or preservatives in our products. You may see more products at Microbasket

What Are the Benefits of Using Wood Pressed Oil / Cold Pressed Oil / Marachekku Ennai?

    1. Cold pressed oils in Chennai are considered to be wealthy in beneficial fatty acids like omega three and omega 6. They are sources of various nutrients and minerals like nutrition a, c, d, e, zinc, and potassium. those elements are critical for keeping your heart, kidneys, imaginative and prescient and pores and skin in accurate circumstance.
    2. Cold pressed oils help to lower the danger of numerous illnesses like allergies, coronary heart ailment, and colon cancer. You can also use cold pressed oil for your weight-reduction plan, you may hold your cholesterol, sugar level, and blood strain below manage.
    3. Cold pressed oils strengthen your immune gadget.
    4. Wood Pressed oils are lose from any form of brought chemical compounds or preservatives.
    5. They retain healthful anti-oxidants that are in other case destroyed by means of warmth. These anti-oxidants fight harmful loose radicals and save you from the growth of tumors.
    6. Some cold pressed oils are wealthy in nutrition e, which has anti inflammatory, recovery residences. It is a good source of oleic acid which strengthens the immune gadget.
    7. This method eliminates all the harmful outcomes that rise up from the traditional methods of oil extraction. The handiest hassle with cold pressed oils is their quick shelf-lifestyles.
    8. Marachekku oil lasts for almost a year. Marachekku Ennai / Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai is historically supplemented with palm sugar or jaggery, which heightens its taste and additionally its dietary price.