A lot has been said about different types of oils; among which cold pressed oils have been the most talked about. Recently, many experts have pronounced cold pressed oils as healthy alternative to cooking oils. They are known to be cholesterol free, are unrefined or unprocessed, do not contain harmful solvent residues and contain natural antioxidants that are beneficial for the body. But have you ever wondered how cold pressed oils are made?
The oils that you use for cooking everything are extracted from seeds, fruits or vegetables and even nuts. Cold pressing is the method of oil extraction from oilseeds which may include sesame seed, flaxseeds, mustard, coconut or groundnuts without really using heat to extract as that may degrade the oil’s flavour and nutritional quality. Cold pressing method is the process involving crushing seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil through pressure (Wooden Ghani).
Cold Pressing is a mechanical process in which the oil is extracted and separated from the seeds or nuts without chemical intervention and without the addition of any substances, at a temperature that does not exceed 35°C.

Cold pressed oil / Marachekku Ennai the most discussed oil now a days among the different types of oil we use in our daily life. The experts have noticed that Cold pressed oil / Chekku Ennai is a healthy alternative oil which we can use in our cooking. These Cold pressed oil / Chekku Ennai are very good and healthy for our body as they are cholesterol free and are unprocessed or unrefined oil which does not contain any harmful substances. They are natural antioxidants which are healthy for our body. But have you ever thought what this Cold pressed oil / Chekku Ennai is? How they are made? How it differs from the refined oil which we use in our daily cooking? Can be it a healthy substitute for our cooking oil? If these are the questions that comes into your mind, here we help you to answer these for you.

It’s the old fashioned “Chekku Ennai”!

The humble ‘chekku ennai’ or cold-pressed oil makes a comeback. Cold pressed oil / Chekku Ennai is the oil which is extracted from seeds, fruits or vegetables or even nuts by crushing their seeds or nuts. Then extract the oil through pressure without using heat. If you use the heat to extract the oil it may worsen the oil’s flavor and nutritional quality. These kinds of oils do not mix well with heat and that is why they are not extracted through heating techniques. Oil seeds like sesame seed, sunflower seeds, coconut or mustard etc., are crushed and extracted oil from it. We just have to re-invent the wheel — the wooden mill that was used in ancient times. Wood absorbs heat and maintains atmospheric temperature in oil extraction.