Little Bee Honey

Little Bee Honey

We all heard and read about the benefits of Little Honey Bee / stingless bee honey and the healing properties,medicinal values etc.., Wonderful healing energy of honey discovered by scientists that honey is superior to any other substance in the world.

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Pure Organic Little Bee honey/ Stingless Bee honey (Cheru-then in Malayalam). This is not normal big honey. Small honey is natural sweetner and can be used as substitute of Sugar in medicinal/food purposes. For patients who can’t take sugar, our natural honey is a good sweetener.

Stingless honey bees make honey from the nectar of flowers by a sequential process of swallowing, regurgitation and evaporation. The formed honey is then stored in honeycombs as a source of food. The delicious sweet flavour of honey is from the essential mixture of sugar, amino acids, vitamins, some trace enzymes and minerals.

The use of natural little bee honey as food and medicine by mankind has been in existence from time immemorial. In fact, records have it that raw honey is the most ancient sweetener, and it was noted to have been in use throughout the world several million years ago. Natural honey (NH) is a sweet, flavourful liquid food of high nutritional value and immense health benefits

No added preservatives, No added flavorings and No added coloring…. its really quite simple.

Real little bee honey Vs. Fake Honey

Real honey can be identified in 3 ways.

1) Pour a drop of pure honey into a piece of news paper. If its easily absorbed by newspaper (like a blotting paper), its fake honey. Real honey will not get spread on newspaper easily.

2) Pour a spoonful of pure honey into normal drinking water. If its real honey, it will go directly to the bottom of glass. Real honey is more viscous than water.

3) Hold the bottom of little bee honey bottle upside down. If you find a drop of honey in the bottom middle part of the bottle, then its real honey. Fake honey will not stick at the bottom of a bottle.

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