Ghee Rice Recipe
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Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice Recipe – By Prof.Mrs. Lisa Leo

Lisa Leo Hi my name is Mrs. Lisa Leo. I am working as a principal in Sowkhya College of Nursing, Karnataka. I completed my M.Sc. Psychiatric Nursing from Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu. With a busy schedule I take my time offs by trying different recipes. And that’s how I ended up writing this article.

This post is all about Ghee Rice. This rice recipe is a very delicious and nutritious food from Indian CuisineGhee Rice Recipe line up. It has been a part of our culinary experience for centuries. It is good to add at least 2 teaspoons ghee to our diet on a daily basis. And Ghee rice is one of the great way to add ghee in your diet. As always choosing the ingredients are very essential for getting the recipe taste right. For this recipe as the name suggests ghee is the important ingredient.

Ghee has to be natural and pure. Choosing the right ghee will be altogether a different research blog. As far as ghee is concerned there are so many things to keep in mind. For example the texture, taste and smell. Or just like me you can simply buy online from Ghee Store. This is by far one of the best ghee I have ever used. The texture, smell and taste is exactly how ghee is supposed to be.

Ghee Rice Recipe – The Cast

Ghee Rice Recipe For this recipe I am using ingredient measured for serving 2. You can adjust the quantity to suit your needs. And for your convenience I have directly linked all available ingredients in red from our online store from where you can buy the best quality ingredients.

Ghee: 150g | Basmati Rice: 2 cups | Bay Leaves: 2 Medium Sized | Cardamom: 5 – 6 pods | Cloves: 5 – 6 | Cinnamon: 3-4 small Sticks | Garlic: 50g Chopped | Ginger: 50g Chopped | Onion: 3 Medium Sized | Green Chilli: 2 Sliced | Coriander: for garnishing | Cashew: 50g Chopped | Raisins (Regular or Black): 50g Chopped

Ghee Rice Recipe – The Method

The Garnish

Ghee Rice Recipe Let’s Start by first preparing the garnish because we need to fry the Onions, cashews and raisins in ghee. By doing this we can save the amount of ghee we are going to use. We can use the same ghee by removing the only the garnish. First fry the cashew and raisins together once it becomes golden brown remove it. And then fry a small portion of maybe about 50g of the onions until crisp and golden brown. We are doing this in order to prevent cross flavoring of the cashew with onions. Usually garnishing is where you can let you creative self go loose. So don’t limit yourself to just cashews and raisins. You can also use Almonds, Pistachios and even Peanuts the more you add the more flavor gets added. Now that our garnish is ready we shall move on to the next step.

The Rice

There are many different rice varieties that we can use for this recipe. But I would suggest an long grain rice. Especially Basmati and even this comes in different grain size, flavor and quality. And these factors also decide the time taken to cook. To get the best out of the length of these rice it is best to soak the rice at least 10 mins before cooking it. Don’t soak it more than that because there a good chance your rice might become soggy.

So let me give you a simple tip to stop worrying about the rice. The formula is very simple:
1 Cup Rice = 2 Cup Water.
Yes it is that simple all you have to do is use the same cup for both rice and water.

The Final Act

Ghee Rice Recipe Remember we are still using the same ghee that we used for the garnish. By now the ghee will have much more enhanced flavor from the garnish and we are saving ghee as well. Now let’s add the spices all together and stir fry for 2 to 3 mins. This will make the spices break open all their flavors which is exactly what we need. And then add the Onions and the green chilli. Stir fry the onion for about 2 to 3 minutes till it becomes glossy and pink.

Ghee Rice Recipe Now before we add water. Let me draw you attention back to the Rice section. Because it is very important that the water quantity should be correct. So read “The Rice” section again and match it along with your rice quantity. Once the water is added close the lid and keep the fire medium. Time to time very gently mix the rice we don’t want to break the rice. Also keep checking the rice to see if it is cooked. The rice should not be overcooked or undercooked. Once you are satisfied with the texture and consistency of the rice we are done. Now time to get creative with the fried garnish we prepared.


Ghee Rice Recipe Ghee Rice is very delicious and goes along with a spicy curry both vegetarian and meat. My personal favorite Kundapura Ghee Chicken Currywould be Kundapura Ghee Chicken Curry. A very famous chicken curry from Karnataka. I’ll be back with that recipe very soon. Till then enjoy cooking and enjoy life.




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